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Halbred with scabbard, 81 inches long, #IB0236, $143.00 Viking Spear, 84 inches long, #IB0238, $99.00 click here for larger image click here for larger image of blades

Left to Right (No scabbards)

Alfonso X Sword, 3/4 size, #PR104, $40.00

Duque D'Alba, Bronze, #IB597, discontinued

Sword of Pizzarro, #BK52, $58.00

Alfonso X Bronze Sword, #IB741, discontinued

El Cid Tizona, Bronze, #IB715, $105.00

El Cid Colada, Bronze, #IB740, $105.00

Carlos V, Bronze, #IB190, $105.00

Catholic Knight Sword, #BK53, discontinued

Carlos V Sword, #HG153, $58.00

click here for larger image

Greek Swords, reproduction, $112.00 each

Rhinelander Sword, $195.00

 Black Knight (LH) & Black Baron (RH)

Crafted by Gladius to C.A.S. specifications, the Black Knight and the Black Baron combine Gladius' standard of finish with the ability to withstand the rigors of reenactment for which Iberia swords are renowned. The blades are fully tempered, high carbon spring steel, superbly complemented by gleaming black chromed hilts. Black oil finished leather scabbards are included. $190.00 each


Assorted Sword Hangers from $8.00-$13.00 a pair.

Trident Main Gauche, Blade 11-1/2 inches, Overall Length 17-1/2 inches. Includes Scabbard. # IB843 $160.00

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