Artists and Sculptures

Celtic Tile Box, Handmade tile and wood box composed of Andaman Padukwood, trim is maple and wenge from the Belgian Congo. 20 coats of tung oil. Design on tiles reflects the solar cycle. One of a kind! 25-1/4 inches long, 9-3/4 inches wide, 5-1/2 inches deep. $900.00

The Boatman of Lac La Belle, Hand Made Doll by Mary Lou. 6 foot long, 2 feet high. Outstanding work of art. Legend has it the Jacques came to Wisconsin just after the voyagers. It says that he can still be seen on nights when the moon is full on Lac La Belle (in Oconomowoc, WI). He was a humble trapper and fisherman in the later 1700. Jacques fell in love with a beautiful Potowatimi maiden but they never married because neither could not give up their individual sacred beliefs. They both died in an outbreak of smallpox. When the moon is full you can see him rowing on the lake and hear him calling to his lost love on the shore., $649.00

Wizard Life Sculpture, Lord of the Rings, 25 inches tall, 15 inches wide, $125.00

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