Scottish Swords

and Weaponry

LH-Black Scottish Dress Dirk, overall length 16 inches, #IBO200, $125.00

RH-Black Pipers Dirk, with Knife and Fork, overall length 19-1/2 inches, #IB0201, $158.00

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Left to Right Scottish Sword with Scabbard, #IB739, $250.00 Robert the Bruce Claymore, #IB924, $335.00 Scottish Basket Hilt with Scabbard, #IB923, $225.00 click here for larger image
Clockwise from Left Scottish Dirk, discontinued Scottish Targe with Spike, (see description below) #IB776, $250.00 Bonnie Scottish Dirk, #IB756, $137.95 Sgian Dubh with Scabbard, #IB753, $40.00 Stag Sgian Dubh with Scabbard, #IB345, $65.00 Black Watch Scottish Pistol, #IB836, $55.00 Brass Scottish Pistol, #IB837, discontinued click here for larger image

Scottish Targe, center spike in shield mounted on rear of piece, approximately 19 inches in diameter, $150.00

Stuart Targe, reported to have been made as a gift for Charles Edward Stuart - "Bonnie Prince Charlie". Beautifully made with tooled leather over wood and goat skin backing. Has a spike which screws into central boss with sheath for spike attached to back of the Targe which is equipped with a leather covered arm strap and hand grip. #IB776

19-1/2 inches in diameter, silver plated, $250.00

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